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Open Source
Cloud Management

Provisioning Resources to create, modify, and delete virtual machines, storage, databases, and other cloud resources.

Purpose build dev-ops self-service Web Console or CLI to easily set up, operate and manage ressources. 


Spin up your Kubernetes Cluster across multiple Cloud Providers.

Integrate your On-Prem resources, your Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Edge and IOT Devices with our multi-site, multi-region Kubernetes or simply roll out virtual machines and allocate storage.


Orchestrate your Infrastructure, Service Workloads, and Data from a convenient Self-Service Console. Automated deployment of Kubernetes cluster containers and Virtual Machine setup thru your Git Runners.


Monitor and keep Track of your Projects and Kubernetes deployments, your Virtual Machines, and installed Services.​ Manage workspace tenants and users and have control over your full lifecycle.


Decide on demand and setup which resources you need to integrate.

Run as much environments with different flavors as much you need.

Integrated User Management based on LDAP and Kerberos.

Full private network integration within multi-site multi-region deployments

  • Including our Kubernetes Cluster LifeCycle Manager, Longhorn Storage, Virtual Machines, S3   

  • Deploy services on your Kubernets Clusters out of our curated helm chart Service Catalog or via KubeApps.

  • Access your Kubernetes Cluster with your Kubeconfig and your Virtual Machines via SSH. 

  • With our Team solution you will get Open ID connect to integrate your AD/LDAP.

  • Additionally we offer a multi-tenant adminstration and  user management console to scale across teams.

  • Get monitoring and logging with Grafana and Prometheus

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