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Setup your projects and spin up and manage as many Kubernetes Cluster, Virtual Machines or S3 Storage across multiple Cloud Providers as you need.

Interface to IaaS cloud provider and OpenStack cloud platforms to spin up essential resources and services.
Our unique network solution enables you to span clusters across providers, multi-region and multi-site.

Open Source CMC

Daiteap Open Source Cloud Management Console enables modern application deployments by automation. Deploy and run locally to spin up Kubernetes Cluster, Virtual Machines, and S3 Buckets across Providers.

Kubernetes Cluster

With Daiteap Cloud Management Console you can easily setup kubernetes Cluster. Set up a K8s Cluster at one cloud provider or span Kubernets Cluster across Cloud Provider with multiple regions and flavors.

Virtual Machines

Start and manage Virtual Machines and add them to one network to connect several Virtual Machines across providers within one project.  

S3 Storage

USe S3 Storage individually per Cloud provider or add multiple storage across Cloud Provider to your project. Full controll with visula drag and drop data upload and deletion.

Watch the video for a
quick start how to deploy
and run locally on your machine

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