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Multi-Cloud DevOps
Software Development

We are DevOps specialists and 
experienced Software Developers. 

Our principals follow common standards like GitOps, CI-CD and Agile.



Infrastructure as Code (IaC):

  • Embrace a consistent and reproducible infrastructure with our Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solutions. 

Cloud Networking:

  • We support and setuo up open cloud networkings such as SONIC


  • Seamless application execution across various environments.


  • We are experts in Kubernetes and help you in any aspect of it. 

Monitoring and Logging:

  • Implementing monitoring and logging solutions to track system and application performance and errors

Software Development

Full Stack & API Development:

  • End-to-end web application development, covering both frontend and backend. Creation of robust APIs for seamless data exchange and integration.

DevOps - CD/CI: 

  • Seamless merging of development and operations for efficient cloud software delivery. Automated Continuous Integration and pipeline setup for rapid, reliable releases


  • Empowering you with agility, scalability, and the ability to adapt to market demands swiftly.

Agile Processes:

  • Flexible and customer-focused project management for on-time software delivery.


Cloud Engineering & Architecture:

  • Cloud design and implementation for your scalable and efficient solutions.

Technology Stack Assessment:

  • We are analyzing and optimizing your tech stack for performance and process alignment.

Architecture Evaluation & Design:

  • We are designing, evaluating and optimizing your system architecture for your projects integration and efficiency.


  • We provide consulting services focused on Hyperledger technology, guiding businesses in leveraging its capabilities for secure, permissioned blockchain solutions and industry-specific applications.

Open Source Project

OSS Cloud Management Console:

  • Provides a versatile and customizable cloud resource management solution.

  • Our platform empowers you to manage your cloud infrastructure resources effortlessly, tailored to your unique needs and requirements.


Key Features:

  • Multi-Cloud Resource Management: Seamlessly spin-up and manage Kubernetes Cluster, Virtual Machines and S3 Storage on multiple cloud providers and environments from a centralized platform.

  • Automated Provisioning and Scaling: Leverage automation to provision resources and dynamically scale your infrastructure based on demand. Deploy applications to your infrastructure in minutes from our app catalog

  • Span multi-provider Kubernetes clusters for distributed AI and Data processing


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